Hand Road Roller

Easy to operate FYL-700C Hand Road Roller

The roller features a front-mounted large drum and smaller rear wheels, a design meticulously crafted for optimal balance and precision. This configuration is particularly effective for compacting various materials in tight spaces, a common scenario in urban and residential construction projects.

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  • We recognize that in the construction sector, every minute and every inch of precision counts. The hand-held single-drum roller is more than just a tool; it's a catalyst for enhanced productivity, operational efficiency, and superior project outcomes.


Hand Road Roller

In an industry where time and precision are key, our compact hand-held single-drum roller stands out as an essential tool for modern construction businesses. Its innovative design and advanced features cater specifically to the demands of small-scale construction and intricate landscaping projects.
Hand Road Roller
Design Excellence and Performance
Our roller is meticulously engineered with a single large drum at the front, balanced by smaller rear wheels. This strategic design ensures concentrated compaction force, vital for effective work in confined spaces typical in urban construction and landscaping.
Hand Road Roller
It is powered by a high-performance internal combustion engine, with select models offering environmentally friendly electric options. This provides the necessary power for both the drum and the machine's mobility, ensuring both efficiency and ease of use.
Hand Road Roller
Key Business Benefits
Space Optimization: The roller's compact design makes it perfect for navigating tight spaces, increasing project versatility.
Superior Compaction: Its vibratory drum ensures consistent and thorough compaction, leading to higher-quality results.
Ergonomic and Safe Operation: The user-centric design minimizes operator fatigue, while integrated safety features maximize workplace safety.
Asphalt Specialization: Models equipped with water tanks enhance asphalt laying tasks, ensuring smooth and high-quality finishes.
Maintenance Simplicity: Designed with business efficiency in mind, the roller is low-maintenance, translating to increased uptime and profitability.
Hand Road Roller
The roller is adept at:
Soil and gravel compaction in small and challenging spaces, essential for urban construction.
Detailed landscaping work, where precision and maneuverability are key.
Asphalt laying and maintenance for small-scale roads, paths, and parking areas.
Hand Road Roller
Commitment to Business Growth
Understanding the pressures of the construction industry, we've designed our hand-held single-drum roller to be a reliable partner in growth. It's more than a tool; it's a commitment to enhancing your business's productivity, efficiency, and quality of output.
Hand Road Roller
Our compact hand-held single-drum roller is the ideal solution for construction and landscaping businesses seeking to stay ahead in a competitive market. It represents a smart investment in achieving operational excellence and project success.
This equipment is particularly suitable for:
Trench backfilling and soil compaction in foundation work.
Landscape leveling and small-area pavement laying.
Asphalt repair work, including potholes and walkways.
Maintenance and Ease of Use
Maintaining these machines is relatively simple: regular checks of the engine, cleaning of the drum, and inspection of the vibration system are essential. The operational simplicity, with straightforward control for direction, speed, and vibration, makes it accessible even to those with minimal training.
Compact hand-held single-drum rollers are vital tools in the construction and landscaping sectors, offering a combination of efficiency, ease of use, and effectiveness in small-scale projects. Their adaptability and straightforward maintenance make them a go-to choice for professionals and amateurs alike.


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