A road maintenance company in Hebei Province uses small rollers

A road construction group project in Hebei requires large-scale road compaction operations to ensure the stability and safety of the road. After comparing various types of rollers, the project team ultimately chose a seat mounted roller as the main compaction equipment< Br/>
Equipment characteristics
Efficient and stable: The vehicle mounted roller has strong compaction ability and can perform fast and stable compaction operations on large areas of road surface< Br/>
Easy to operate: The car mounted roller adopts an automated control system, which is simple and convenient to operate, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers< Br/>
Strong adaptability: The vehicle mounted roller can adapt to different types and levels of road compaction operations, meeting various construction needs< Br/>
Convenient maintenance: The compact structure of the vehicle mounted roller provides easy maintenance and reduces long-term operating costs< Br/>
Engineering implementation
In the implementation process of road construction projects, seat mounted rollers have played an important role. It quickly completed large-scale road compaction operations, ensuring the stability and safety of the road. At the same time, the automation control system of the vehicle mounted roller significantly improves work efficiency and shortens the construction period. In addition, the low energy consumption and low noise characteristics of the equipment also meet the requirements of green construction.


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